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Butter Knife Shawty BBQ
Catering Service

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Georgia boy rubs 


Let’s Make Your Party Memorable

Sink your teeth into the mouthwatering smoked meats and sides of Butter Knife Shawty BBQ Catering Service. I have a variety of dishes that you and your party guests will surely enjoy.

My services are available to clients in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Georgia. Check out my menu below.

Cajun All-Purpose Rub

Our Cajun All Purpose Rub is a delicious blend of bold spices and traditional Cajun flavors that will elevate any dish to Southern culinary perfection. Perfect for use on chicken, fish, beef, pork, and vegetables, our versatile blend is sure to bring an authentic Cajun kick to any meal. Whether you're cooking for a crowd or just looking to spice up your dinner routine, our Cajun All Purpose Rub adds depth and complexity to any dish with just a shake. Try it today and elevate your cooking game to new heights.

Cajun All-Purpose

Georgia mud rub 

Get ready to take a deep dive into true Southern flavors with our Georgia Mud Rub - a premium charcoal rub that will give your tomahawk steaks and other cuts of meat an earthy and smoky flavor that is simply irresistible. Our unique blend of charcoal and special spices will infuse your meats with an indulgent, rich flavor that will have you begging for more. Perfect for any occasion, our Georgia Mud Rub adds a touch of sophistication and depth to your cooking that will leave your guests wondering what your secret ingredient is. Order now and start exploring the delicious world of our Georgia Mud Rub.

Georgia Mud

Pork and chicken rub

Introducing our signature Pork and Chicken BBQ Rub - the ultimate blend of smoky spices and seasonings to take your barbecuing to the next level. Experience the perfect balance of sweet and savory with every bite of your perfectly grilled or smoked pork and chicken dishes. Our blend is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and make you the talk of the barbecue amongst your friends and family. Order now and bring a bit of magic to your next BBQ session!

Pork and chicken rub

Hickory All-PURPOSE  

Experience timeless smoky flavor with our Hickory BBQ Rub. Our unique blend of bold spices and hickory flavor makes this rub the perfect addition to any barbecue or grilling session. It's perfect for pork ribs, brisket, and any other meat that calls for a smoky flavor. Our Hickory BBQ Rub is versatile, easy to use, and guaranteed to make your meat dishes unforgettable. Order now and add a touch of delicious hickory flavor to your next barbecue.

Hickory All-Purpose

Uncle Bud Sweet & spicy

Uncle Bud's Sweet and Smokey Rub is a blend of spices and herbs that can be used to season any type of meat, from ribs to steaks to pork chops to chicken. The sweet and smokey flavor profile is achieved through a combination of brown sugar, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. When applied generously to meat and grilled or roasted, the rub creates a delicious crust that is packed with flavor.

Uncle Bud

Georgia Boy Beef Blend 

Our Georgia Boy Beef Blend has quickly become a fan favorite among BBQ enthusiasts. With its Southern-inspired blend of spices and savory flavors, it's the perfect way to add delicious depth to your beef dishes. Whether you're a pitmaster or a backyard barbecue aficionado, our Georgia Boy Beef Blend will elevate your cooking game to new heights. Try it today and taste the difference for yourself.

Beef blend

Shawty’s Knife Set

Ignite your passion for cooking with our Damascus Steel Chef and Steak Knife Set. Made with expert craftsmanship and precision, our knives are the perfect tool for any chef, home cook, or avid griller. Our knives are made from cold-forged Damascus steel with a beautiful, artistic design, which not only adds to their beauty but also to their high durability and reliable performance. You'll fall in love with our comfortable handles that provide a secure grip, making slicing, chopping, and dicing effortless. Entice your eyes and taste buds, and experience exceptional quality with our Damascus Steel Chef and Steak Knife Set. Order now and let our knives do the talking for you!

Shawty’s Knife Set